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Does your Insurance Cover Massage Therapy? Does your HSA or FSA?

Updated: Feb 2

I hope your new year is off to a great start! And with new years come new health benefits... With the rollout of memberships announced earlier this month, I have been getting a lot of questions about massage therapy, insurance coverage and the use of HSA and FSA debit cards. Personally, I got massage therapy for about 8 years paying full cost out of pocket only to realize after 8 years that my insurance covered 60% of the cost. And I didn't even have to have a prescription! It could have been self-referred!!! All the money I could have saved!!! How could I have been so lucky and not known it? Well, probably, because I simply accepted the common notion that massage is an alternative medicine that is not covered. But this is not always true! Learn from my lesson and take a look at your benefits. If it's not clear, contact your health insurance customer service line. (I recommend early in the morning so that you don't have to wait 30 minutes in the queue.) Some questions you might need to ask:

  1. Is massage therapy covered?

  2. Does it require a prescription?

  3. How much of it is covered?

  4. What is my coinsurance?(This is your share of the costs for covered health care services)

  5. Can I pay with my HSA/FSA card?    a. Does my HSA/FSA card require a letter of medical necessity from my doctor for massage therapy?

  6. What do I do to get reimbursed?

Find out and you might be pleasantly surprised!I hope this was a helpful tidbit of information. I look forward to seeing you soon!

In health, 


Austin Living Massage is not "In Network" with any insurance company but I am more than happy to send you an e-mail copy of your receipts for easier claim submission. We accept HSA cards. 

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