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Knee Pain 

If you've read my story, you know that I became a massage therapist because of my experience with knee pain due to the repetitive stress of running (and maybe a little too much hot yoga). 

If you're experiencing knee pain, the question you may want to ask yourself is:

Is your knee pain even coming from your knees?
(hint: it might not and massage could help) 

Knee Pain

The answer can be a little hard to figure out even with the help of medical professionals.

When I first started with my knee pain, I went to the doctor and they manipulated my knee. I didn't feel ANY pain when they touched my knee area. They couldn't find anything wrong and i was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. The ortho palpated, moved my knees around and did some imaging. His conclusion: My knees were fine.

But they weren't. My knees felt stiff and on fire. 

 A friend suggested I go to a massage school. I received a massage from one of the already graduated licensed massage therapists. She had studied clinical massage therapy, which focuses on myofascial trigger points - those pesky painful knots in your muscles.

She went straight to the root cause of my knee pain - my quads. What the heck are those? The quadriceps are our big meaty muscles on the top part of our leg. They cover the center and the outside top part. They all attach via tendons from our patella (knee) to our pelvic and hip area. 

The massage she did was very quick and intense. I've adapted my style to be slower, more mindful and more comfortable. She spent 90 minutes just working my quads. It was NOT a good time. But it was worth it because it made me acutely aware it was my quads that were the origin of my pain. When I got off the table and set my feet on the floor, I noticed that my knees no longer felt stiff and on fire. 

My knee pain was gone. While it did come back to a small degree as I became active again it never got to the level of pain that I had previously felt. I was a relief to learn how to treat my pain and as I progressed in my health and fitness journey, I also learned how to prevent pain by strengthening my muscles. 

If you'd like to partner with me on your health and fitness journey, book yourself an appointment below. 

If just one of your knees is bothering you, an initial 90-minute appointment should suffice. If both knees are hurting, or you are also experiencing low back or hip pain, book 2 hours. 

You can book a session specific to knee pain, hip pain or low back pain. If you are experiencing pain in more than one area, you can choose Therapeutic Massage and indicate the areas of concern on your Intake Sheet which is sent to you by e-mail after you book your appointment.

I know it can be hard to book an appointment when you're in pain and you're unsure if you're going to get any relief with massage therapy. 

Let my clients reviews help you make a confident choice. 

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