Lakshmi Fox


Pricing:  60 minuets - $85   90 minutes - $115  120 minutes - $145

All services include hot towel and aromatherapy of your choice.

Living Massage

I found massage as a last ditch effort for my knee pain. After X-rays, MRIs and visits to orthopedic surgeons, I figured it couldn't hurt. My massage therapist listened to my pain complaint and then proceeded to deliver one of the most painful massages I have ever had. But when I planted my feet back on the floor when it was over, my knee pain was gone. I was an immediate convert and I enrolled in massage school a month after. 

I have been practicing  since 2011 and have been fortunate to be able to give others similar pain relief experiences.  The joy and satisfaction that comes from helping people and having them feel the results and effectiveness of massage is truly why I keep doing this.